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Dalian Xinhui Digital Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful coastal city –Dalian, in northern China. We are an expert in the three dimensional animation, digital multimedia, software development, video shooting. Our services include: construction of indoor and outdoor rendering performance, corporate video production, digital sand table system, etc.

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Outdoor Architectural Rendering

In architectural appearance design, architectural material is an important component of architectural appearance design, and it is also a key point that affects people's aesthetics.In the concrete architectural appearance design,...


Interior Design Effect Chart

will be in the form of visual representation creative conception. It through to the object's shape, structure, color, texture, and many other factors of the faithful performance, true reproduction of the designer, creative, and...


Visual Effect Diagram of Building

Dalian Xinhui Digital Technology attaches great importance to the treatment of light and shadow in the process of rendering drawing production, because it is of great significance to understand the relationship between architectural...


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Architectural Renderi...

Architectural renderings production process

Building Roaming Anim...

It is architectural. This type is mainly used to reflect the process of the architect's creation

Building Roaming Anim...

Building roaming animation is the application of "virtual reality" technology in urban planning


" Architectural animation based on general architectural design drawings on professional computer create virtual architecture environment, geographical location, appearance, the building interior, landscape, infrastructure, people, animals and natural phenomena, etc. As a reliable 3D rendering service provider, We hire experience specialists with a strong background in architecture, landscaping, and art. with the use of state-of-the-art systems and processes, our services rival the leading 3D visualization studios, but come at a much more affordable cost."

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