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3-d animated film and render
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Film and television model and rendering professional

This major will be based on the modeling, material, color, composition, lighting, photography, MattePainting and anatomical structure of knowledge learning and research, make the students in mastering all kinds of technology, improve the art accomplishment at the same time, to be able to independently produce film grade model and rendering works, to ensure that the students can be competent, film and television company, animation company time age game company's high-end models, textures, lighting rendering and jobs. In terms of special model training, it mainly emphasizes the design training of various professional models, including props, buildings, environment, scenes, cartoon characters, realistic characters and animal characters. As for special texture material training, I will learn various kinds of UV flat technology, texture rendering, program texture design, Mental Ray illumination and rendering advanced technology of different models. We use Maya, ZBrush 3d engraving, Photoshop, etc. to achieve the design of professional movie scenes and animation role models, as well as game characters and scenes.

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