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Animation classification
- Jul 05, 2018 -

There are no rules for the classification of animations. They are usually classified according to the angle of creation of animations. Cartoons can be divided into "commercial animations" and "experimental animations". From the perspective of production techniques and means, animation can be divided into traditional animation based on hand-drawing, computer-based computer animation, application photography technology, and other animation techniques (such as film animation). According to the expression of the action, the animation is roughly divided into "perfect animation" (animation TV) close to natural motion and "limited animation" (slide animation) with simplified and exaggerated. From the visual effect of space, it can be divided into two-dimensional animation (such as "Dragon Ball" "Slam Dunk") and three-dimensional animation (such as "Final Fantasy", "Toy Story"). From the playback effect, it can also be divided into sequential animation (continuous motion) and interactive animation (repetitive motion). In terms of the number of frames per second, there are full animation/frame-by-frame animation (24 frames per second, Disney animation) and half animation (less than 24 frames, one shot, two, etc.), an animation represented by Japan. In order to save costs, the company often uses half-animation to make TV films.

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