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Architectural animation roaming classification
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Property roaming animation

Real estate promotional film Design and production is derived from the extensive use of computer graphics technology in the field of architecture, real estate roaming animation in the form of art performance room

The design concept of real estate residential buildings turns the architectural schemes, façades, sections and perspectives sketched by the architects into realistic virtual real estates, which can be roamed as desired. The perfect building is composed of two parts: interior space design and outdoor space design. The real estate animation mainly represents the indoor and outdoor space design planning, interpreting the design plan, improving the project bidding rate and enhancing the real estate value. The roaming animation of real estate is generally about 5-20 minutes. It shows the overall planning and design of the real estate through roaming and interactive performance. It is mostly used for the propaganda, reporting, bidding, etc. of real estate projects by real estate developers.

3D virtual template

The virtual model room animation is the use of 3D virtual technology and film technology to express the design concept of the virtual model room.

Through the screen, I feel the cultural connotation of the building and the atmosphere and lifestyle of the home.

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