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Balcony garden render drawing
- Sep 17, 2018 -

        To the design of the balcony, a lot of people feel this is the exclusive space that prepares for flowers and plants.No matter how big the space is, it is a small space that can let oneself calm down.Sunshine, sofa, old book, 3 two good friends plus fresh flowers and green plant, simple friend comes to can move square table to middle, through change a position, let the garden of just 5 square meters exert the biggest effect, can accommodate 5 people at most afternoon tea.Straight is a small xanadu instant feeling. Indoor and outdoor link in design thinking, the ever-changing nature of light and simple of love into the design of the new classical vocabulary, and the technique of "high" clever, the sitting room, the perfect solution to the original pattern space is not enough capacious, let a space rich layers, make residents enjoy the grace chang meaning of leisure life.

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