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Creative video production
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Corporate promotional ideas, is that "god form of both" to display:

The consciousness of "god", is the enterprise feature films, all images and sound, all around a theme, a tone and the theme of a clear positioning, from beginning to end to follow the core of a clear slogan, even if is again the narrator, precise can be accurate, but full of tension, even if not explicitly lens, also can let theme impartiality. So powerful and unconstrained style, various combinations of lens, movement, ups and downs, as long as the "god" of refining enterprise, has unlimited imagination of space, and the infinite creativity.

"God", in the end, enterprise feature films, is "in place"!

"Shape", being a "steady and not disorderly", otherwise, it doesn't matter "forming," creativity is the fullness of the shape, is the form of ascension, only this, corporate videos can be one of the most sharp impression to the person, which requires creativity! A lot of creative based promotion, "shape", after a clear grasp of the subject, first discovered correlation elements, such as this is a China company, so porcelain in Chinese culture, Chinese history, China will have an orientation on the humanities, the creative elements can arrange a simple man of porcelain, porcelain, porcelain shadow a realm of life feeling, go abroad to extend people's deep love "porcelain" feelings, find a heart of zen, which interprets the appeal of the elegant, refined, character of porcelain. Thus, this picture context has a steady and not disorderly of "shape", whether China's research and development, design, fire, or color, plating, bring the audience into a zen to art, and the heart, the pursuit of taste life journey. Then through the "shape" film is moderate, and man with primitive simplicity as the main body of the "form", and made the most sharp impression. Therein lies the effective dissemination of ideas.

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