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Decoration fashion trend
- Oct 10, 2018 -

       Decorate a style to pay attention to simple: "seek art in simple in", go building living space with adornment and artistic display, want to leave the space that changes to the bedroom, pay attention to environmental protection and save at the same time.

       Floor tile shows culture grade: according to certain brand pottery and porcelain concerned principal is divulged, "now decorate do one's best simple, but hope can have some grade again, this can make an article only on these finished product material of ceramic tile, floor.And nowadays ceramic tile passes 3 dimensional design, surface burnish depth change, will all sorts of rich representative design and colour clever collocation, make ceramic tile also was full of culture lasting appeal, had become a kind of adornment seemingly."

       Material is more loving and frivolous: decorate a respect in the villa, compare popular and pure, light characteristic, this needs to be in the choice material that decorates material "light", "thin".And what correspond to with this is, in adornment can use the small thing of a few glass simple sense, in order to highlight to connect fully feeling.In addition, the effect of the curtain is adornment is given priority to, accordingly thin curtain also is popular element, resemble material of transparent gauze qualitative, or the material that has colour bright-coloured embroidery design above especially welcome.

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