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Design director looks at trends in the decoration industry TWO
- Sep 26, 2018 -

       I have been working in the decoration industry for ten years, and I clearly understand the development bottleneck of the decoration industry.From our perspective, many successful cases of the Internet model have a common feature, which is the transformation from the traditional sales model to the Internet sales model, which was a mature market operation system before its development.For example, the brand discount of Vipshop has long been practiced and explored in the offline mode. There are many brand discount stores, and its mature business planning and staff training system has been very perfect, and it can survive, develop and make profits after several years of running-in.The transformation into the Internet model is only to put it on the PC and mobile terminals, and solve the logistics system, and the logistics system is already many mature systems for its use, all of which must be based on the very mature market.In fact, when the Internet model was not born, their experience and foundation had been quite perfect, just waiting for this opportunity.Looking back to the office building decoration and decoration industry, first from the foundation analysis, the foundation of our front-line practitioners, the quality of the construction team after 10 years of development has been changed qualitatively.In fact, its development is very difficult, most construction workers are the foundation of migrant workers, here does not mean to disparage the farmers uncle.But the reality is that the entrance threshold of all professional construction work is very low, without a large number of construction training institutions and professional certification.The majority of people, from simple apprentice to technical workers are in accordance with the feudal farming master train an apprentice learning methods, such as, in the process, involving new construction technology and the development of the material are not serious, system to learn, a lot of construction technology is relatively traditional, old-fashioned, simply can't keep up with the requirement of market updates and changes, the requirements for the construction and a thorough understanding of almost as clear as mud.There are about 300 million migrant workers in China. The foundation of so many construction workers is really rather weak. The state has not done enough to take responsibility for the training and guidance of these workers.

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