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Design director looks at trends in the decoration industry THREE
- Sep 27, 2018 -

       Talk about the design team and the management team.We know that to be an interior designer, the bar is so low that it's hard to imagine that the state doesn't have a mandatory practice qualification, I mean, there's no mandatory practice qualification.Therefore, many "designers" who do not have design ability appear in decoration companies of various sizes, coupled with the lack of social responsibility of the enterprise itself, the blind pursuit of profitability, without strong training and error correction work, there are many construction projects of poor quality and full of loopholes, laying thorns for the development of the decoration industry.In addition, schools and training institutions have also become money-making machines, which are almost irresponsible for the professional ability of graduates. Most of the students from so-called professional schools cannot be put into the market at all, and it takes up to three to five years of adaptation and learning to operate basically.

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