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Form of corporate propaganda film
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Corporate propaganda films are generally divided into three forms:

A. documentary type in the form of narration or introduction by the host. This form used to be more common.

Advantages: low cost and convenient production;

Disadvantages: low cultural taste.

B. Phenotype generally focuses on image display, namely achieving ideal audio-visual effect through graceful language, exquisite picture and personalized editing. This is the form of the Olympic bid, shenbo film.

Advantages: high level, strong visual impact;

Disadvantages: high shooting cost and long production cycle.

C. Documentary phenotype in a work, the documentary and performance will be interspersed with application, according to the need, but also by using actors, set the story, so that the realism and freehand combined perfectly, can better spread information, sublimate the main thrust.

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