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Good effect of the booth rendering
- Aug 22, 2018 -

      A good booth design can fully demonstrate the company's background culture, focus on the industry direction and spiritual direction.On the contrary, if the materials are taken carelessly, the customers may question them: unprofessional, unreliable or so on.This presentation method based on painting combines spatial logic thinking, environmental creation, and multiple elements of material and product modeling.

      First, accuracy.The so-called accuracy is that the performance effect must conform to the modeling space designed by the enterprise booth, such as proportion, scale, structure, structure, etc.Accuracy is the lifeblood of the performance drawing. Should we never change the body and space restrictions without the actual size, or design content without the flat art style of the exhibition platform, let alone the effect which is too far from the original design?Accuracy plays a key role in the design of the platform.

      Next, the booth must present artistry.It includes drawing, color, composition knowledge, quality, expression of light sense, creation of space atmosphere, application of rules of dot, line and surface composition, which makes a deep impression on people's vision. It is also necessary to sum up reasonably on the premise of reality.Choosing the best performance Angle, the best lighting configuration, and the best environmental atmosphere is a kind of creation, but also a further deepening of the design itself.

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