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High quality toilet lavabo effect drawing
- Aug 31, 2018 -

       The design of toilet is affecting the experience feeling of daily life directly, the stage that wash gargle is the soul place of toilet more.The design of a few square meters is full of knowledge, want appearance level and use feeling coexist, need to make full effort.No matter be drain, wash gargle basin, wash gargle ark, have certain cultured.

Wall row: can not see exposed pipe, more beautiful

Ground row: you can see the pipe from the ground directly connected to the table, there will be sanitary dead Angle.

       Some countries use more wall arrangements.

       The advantage of this design is that if the upstairs toilet drain pipe leakage problem, will not hurt the downstairs neighbors.

       The disadvantage is that the drainage pipe buried in the wall, once the blockage occurs, the wall needs to be damaged, maybe the pipe is unblocked.However, the fitting of wall decoration is a new problem.So you have to use good materials


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