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How is the office decoration designed to look good ONE
- Oct 08, 2018 -

       Recently, a client contacted us. On the one hand, he asked this question: how should the office decoration be designed to look good?The company of the other side is advocate female cosmetic, the boss gave decorate a responsible person to ask, when the client comes to the office to visit, want to let them feel our office is decorated very beautifully, let a person leave a deep impression.

       To the office that decorates to now will tell, besides should have basic office function, take the construction of environment more and more seriously.Office design should not only focus on the overall good look, the details of the design is particularly important.First of all, we should first determine the functional area planning of the office, such as the reception area, reception room, meeting room, office area, finance room, manager room, etc. These functional areas are given by the decoration customers according to the actual situation of the company.Then, the design company will combine the size of the space according to these functional requirements to complete the layout planning, with the premise of maximizing the space.Next, the design that can consider a few details, wait for a problem such as machine room, tea room, strong or weak electric wiring, before the office is decorated as far as possible all projects consider to enter, because go rectification is very troublesome project after be being decorated.Of course, when carrying out integral layout, stylist also can consider a few geomantic problem, for instance the position of chairman room, the azimuth of finance room.

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