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How to make a good interior rendering
- Aug 07, 2018 -

      The first thing to do is to be able to use software, and the second thing to be important is your design idea. Only if you have both, can you design a good interior design.Then we say first followed by the software, the basic commands can still buy a book to learn, and to further use the software, or want to rely on yourself to the usual practice and explore, to tell the truth, whatever you do is slowly feeling and grope for to achieve a high level, on the whole rendering real, high level can do photos.

      There are many ways to play in the same space.The difference of detail adornment, colour is applied different, material chooses different...Small difference, have the great energy that changes dimensional temperament, this is the essence of design.With people's constant pursuit of high quality of life, the cookie-cutter finishing has been unable to satisfy people's taste.And in the same door model, same hard outfit, same budget circumstance, want to build the Dreamhouse of individual character, only through soft outfit design will realize.Different detailed elements, combined with different material collocation, highlight different tactile feelings, but receive more warmth, delicacy, comfort and ease by accident.


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