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Industrial animation main use
- Jul 05, 2018 -

1) Exhibitions and exhibitions A. Enterprises with huge equipment, such as large construction machinery and high-voltage electrical equipment, will exhaust a lot of manpower and material resources to participate in an exhibition. Many equipments cannot display their operational processes even when they are placed at the exhibition site. Therefore, the product 3D animation demonstration plus some shooting cases are more flexible, not only save money, but also participate in more foreign and even foreign exhibitions. B. Let you show your way in the highly competitive industry. For example, low-voltage electrical equipment, each purchaser's stay time of 1-2 minutes in front of the relevant booth, how to let him know his product in such a short time, relying on product catalogue, far less than the three-dimensional animation decomposition on the big screen on the wall Demo. C. Use industrial animation to enhance corporate image. Some of the fast-growing emerging companies have excellent systems and management of modern enterprises. A sophisticated product animation is very good with the concept of their modern corporate marketing methods. Just like the first companies that used color albums in the past, they gave the impression of bold, innovative and dynamic companies. 2) Auxiliary Marketing The market work of most industrial enterprises is still at the stage of ppt. Only a few have progressed to the era of multimedia. As an important part of 3D animation, 3D animation has been used more and more widely.

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