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Interior effect drawing design and production has been toward the main utility ONE
- Oct 11, 2018 -

       Decorative style is developing towards practical direction now, effect picture making is also close to the trend of The Times, the low-profile and practical effect picture is integrated with nature, and this kind of effect picture style is to draw inspiration from nature and look for the fusion of nature.Yearning for nature, longing to live in the natural green environment, this is the social pursuit of the trend, the corresponding is the effect of the green health.

       Low-profile and practical effect drawing adopts many folk traditional art techniques and emotional appeal, highlights the practical application of natural colors and green materials, and creates new texture effects, and USES figurative and abstract design techniques to make people close to and feel nature.At the same time, renderings are returning to the tradition and the nation, paying more and more attention to the local and national cultural background.

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