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Interior graffiti wall design ONE
- Sep 03, 2018 -


      Speaking of the design of indoor graffiti, dalian xinhui design encourages the owners to spread their thinking and create a fitting of their own aesthetic decoration.But how can you capture the essence of graffiti wall design and create the look you want?

       What paint is good for interior and home hand-painted walls?

      Most of the materials used in hand-painted wall paintings are environmentally friendly propylene pigments, which do not contain formaldehyde or any toxic substances, and do not have any smell.Water resistance, corrosion resistance, natural aging resistance, no fading, no deterioration and peeling, painting not reflective, full color, bright, the concentration of smooth, fine, uniform color, a few minutes after painting, suitable for indoor metope painting.In addition, propylene painting has the advantages of light resistance, sun resistance and rain resistance.

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