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Interior graffiti wall design THREE
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Construction technology of wall graffiti

       1. For wall graffiti to have a good result, people need to be able to concentrate on the construction.The first thing you need to do is to do a basic treatment of the wall that requires graffiti. This so-called basic treatment involves leveling, underpainting and layout planning.Because the room that we live is in when decorate, can discover, a lot of metope have a few bumpy plane to exist actually, in order to safeguard the effect of doodling, so these base course of study are very necessary.At the same time, it is necessary to clean the dust and dirt on the wall before construction, and use prepared pigments or paint to give the wall a background color, which plays a very important role in the later graffiti.

        2. How good the wall graffiti can be is also related to the design of the whole wall graffiti. After the basic treatment of good wall, the overall design and planning of wall graffiti are required.The graffiti design you can create, both in the patterns of the graffiti and the selection of pigment can enjoy wantonly, but sometimes it can consult for the whole household decorate a style, because indoor metope graffiti and graffiti on the street is always different, to merge with the whole household environment, so it's best to refer to household decorates a style to carry on the design.When the doodling is done, the drawing can be done.Draw the basic pattern of graffiti on the wall with a soft pencil first.

        3. The paint of paint graffiti is usually acrylic and oil paints, the two pigment according to the demand of the graffiti palette, and then according to the designed graffiti pattern, on the wall to draw good graffiti color pencil design above, this time must be careful and careful, once color want to change is very difficult.In the meantime, you want to put some newspaper on the front of the wall to prevent paint from falling onto the ground and causing stains.At the same time, when the painting is finished, you can wait for the paint on the wall to dry. When the paint is dry enough, you can use a rubber or a wet cloth to wipe away the pencil marks on the wall.

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