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Interior graffiti wall design TWO
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Design considerations for interior graffiti walls

Decide after you know the wall.

      The small make up of Ming yi space believes, the owner that everybody contacts graffiti wall for the first time is certain early the headache that makes by the multifarious material of graffiti wall.However, because of the wide variety of graffiti materials, you can choose more space and your indoor environment more in line with your expectations. Therefore, the editors of mingyi space believe that you should be patient with the design of the graffiti wall.

2. More reference

       At the same time, for people without art background, it may be more difficult to design graffiti, and some interior wall graffiti table can be referred to for design.In addition, in order to better maintain the wall graffiti, some primer and water-based blackboard paint can be applied on the wall before construction, so that the graffiti effect is more perfect.

3. Environmental performance

       However, in order to ensure the indoor environment, it is better to choose environment-friendly and healthy pigments. For example, the more popular propylene pigments are one of the more environmentally friendly pigments. However, some pigments in the market are industrial ones, and the formaldehyde component is relatively heavy.

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