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Interior sitting room design
- Aug 08, 2018 -

      Interior sitting room design is a very important thing in domestic decorating, it often is deciding the style that your home is whole to move towards, so what should we notice when the decoration of the sitting room is decorated?What are the important elements?

1.Spacious space is changed: when designing a sitting room, make capacious sense very important, capacious sense can bring relaxed mood and happy mood to the person.

2.Landscape optimization: it is important to ensure that the living room is aesthetically pleasing from any Angle, including the optimization of the view from the main viewpoint (sofa).

3.Space is highest: no matter whether do manual condole top or form of other condole top, must ensure the height of the sitting room, this height is to point to the space in the sitting room should be in household net tall person.

Illuminative most: the sitting room should be whole bedroom light (no matter be natural daylighting or artificial daylighting) the brightest place, of course this bright is opposite.

4.Furniture applicable change: the furniture that the sitting room USES, should consider the applicability of domestic activity and the applicability of member.The main consideration here is the safety and convenience of the elderly and children.

Material generalize: make sure that all or most of the decoration materials are used.For example, stone that is too smooth in the living room may cause damage to the elderly or children.

5.Style popularization: it is necessary to ensure that the style of living in the home is accepted by the public. This popularity means that the design style makes people feel harmonious and easy to accept.

6.Traffic is optimized: the layout of the sitting room should be the smoothest, no matter be flank pass type sitting room or middle cross type sitting room, should make sure passageway is smooth.


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