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Key points of propaganda film production
- Oct 29, 2018 -

One, should pay attention to commentary writing

Narration should be clear, clear and clear, short and concise words, and try to be colloquial and figurative.

Pay attention to performance details

Corporate videos recorded by the people and things, it is only through the vivid images of characters, colorful, vivid and touching life scenes to show emotion, contains the reason of effect, the details are performance figures and events, the smallest units of social environment and the natural scenery and typical details can more with less, view and have the effect that make the finishing point, so as to leave deep impression to the audience.

Pay attention to the background

Background, also known as the environment, is the basic component of the enterprise propaganda film, and also the basis and basis of the character, destiny and events of the characters reflected in the feature film.

Four, pay attention to conception

The conception of the enterprise promo should be complete, novel and scientific, which is the most basic requirement. Only the enterprise propaganda film is elaborately conceived and well made, can produce the enterprise propaganda film with excellent content and form.

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