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Landscape rendering should be in the later period
- Oct 15, 2018 -

1. Main color

       Any rendering picture must have a dominant hue to dominate the artistic atmosphere of the whole picture.It's like a tune, you need a theme.Landscape effect map needs a main tone more, because need USES PS, so very test cartographer's color feeling and aesthetic.

2. Unity

       Above says to mass-tone, here unity also has concern with mass-tone.In the range of main tone, with other colour will enrich, rich picture, what main tone emphasizes is colour style, want to accomplish to have change on the foundation of oneness, want to show the rhythm feeling of landscape gardens and rhythm feeling.

3. Spatial property

      The relationship between color and space is also difficult to grasp. As color can affect the size of objects and other attributes, we should use this feature to change the spatial relationship of the whole picture, and use color to change the size, proportion, perspective and other visual effects of the whole space!

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