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Multimedia production skills
- Jul 05, 2018 -

The production of multimedia presentations is characterized by the editing rules. Although the production of audio and video synchronization is relatively low, the construction period is relatively short, but it must be made according to the rules of editing and media. The multimedia presentation will be uncomfortable immediately. The title of the multimedia presentation must be wonderful. In the middle of the normal narrative to the end of the force, and write the article is the same as the phoenix pig belly leopard tail.

The production of the title is mainly based on AE production, because this is the first impression of a film, which is the most attractive part of the film.

The overall film length is controlled at around 12 points. It’s too long for the film’s description. Pay attention to the editing rules of the film when editing, and use more montage. This will make the boring report film have something to watch. The accent of the clip is also very important. During the production process, it is noted that it does not cause the audience to sleep when reporting. Although the cost of multimedia production is low and the cost is small, as long as it is done, the whole film can be made to like.

The production of the end of the film also plays a vital role. To be powerful is the so-called leopard tail. Gives a meaningful feeling.

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