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Publicity video introduction
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Promotion, is a type of AD, it will corporate video, text, images, animation, music, sound effects and other resources for effective integration, with both excellent pictures and texts, multimedia interactive forms, visual impact, can give a person leave deep impression, it greatly changed the traditional method of access to information.

According to statistics, an excellent image publicity video can deliver tens of thousands of words and hundreds of pictures to the target audience in a very short time, which can not only convey accurate and rich information, but also save a lot of precious time for both enterprises and customers.

Like a business card, the image publicity video has become an important means for the enterprise to fully display its own strength and expand its business with its brilliant creativity, large capacity information, profound words, reasonable explanation and impressive audio-visual impact.

As an auxiliary means of marketing, image publicity film cannot exist alone. If only relying on a set of propaganda films to promote the corporate image, product promotion is certainly not possible. Should match the album, POP posters and other forms of publicity, each other learn from each other.

The image propaganda film is divided into national image propaganda film, city image propaganda film, enterprise image propaganda film and so on.

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