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- Jul 05, 2018 -

1. Ideal and implementation

If you want the scene to be more realistic and detailed, it means you need to make more detailed models, more real lights, more complex materials, more realistic effects, more precise movements and so on. This is not just a simple addition of loops, but a multiplication of the project's production cycle and rendering output time. And the number of faces of the scene exceeds the range of the computer, and it will cause serious problems such as crashes and file corruption. How to effectively achieve the desired ideal scenario is the first thing that needs to be conceived. For example, a complete architectural animation requires architectural mains, architectural features, greenery and landscapes. The number of faces of a building is related to the appearance of the building and the quality of the imagery, and it cannot be greatly simplified. Usually we reduce the number of faces to find ways to match the scenery and greening. Usually the greening in architectural animation uses textures instead of models; the landscape in architectural animation uses geometry instead of models to save surface.

2. Enhanced performance of superiority

In conceiving the expression technique, it is also necessary to highlight the characteristics that the three-dimensional technology is superior to the real-life shooting, and it is possible to utilize the image realization method of the building structure wireframe expression or the building growth animation which cannot be completed in the live shooting.

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