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Rural style rendering design
- Aug 24, 2018 -

      Rural style is loved by more and more people nowadays, this cannot leave the adornment style of its wen run like wind and the design concept that returns to nature.Fresh and natural decoration and the design full of smooth metal, nature from the stand out, become a popular natural decoration style.

       The inspiration of pastoral style comes from the girl dress of beautiful garden, pure and fresh, elegant, do not have too much detail design, can attract numerous look however, the typical feature of fresh and sweet rural style is cascade lacy and adornment, romantic art printing, delicate bud silk, sweet colour.

       Rural style living room TV setting wall decoration rendering shows a simple natural style, rural style TV setting wall decoration rendering advocate "return to nature", aesthetic promoting "natural beauty", that only advocate natural, combined with the natural, can in today's high-tech fast-paced society obtain physical and mental balance in your life.Because this rural style sitting room TV setting wall decorates effect picture to strive to behave leisurely, comfortable, natural rural life interest.Roughness and breakage are allowed in the idyllic TV background wall, as only that is closer to nature.

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