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The balcony is shown in interior rendering design
- Aug 21, 2018 -

       Accompany the rise that decorates administrative levels, contemporary people pays attention to interior to decorate a design not only, sitting room balcony is decorated, also can beautiful idea is designed, invest a lot even.Sitting room balcony is the place that can see everyday, and after most person enters a sitting room, also can enter the balcony to see distant view for the first time.So what does the balcony decorate to need to notice, ability is better enhance visual effect?How can you let little balcony also can give play to give its biggest value, can raise visual effect again at the same time?


The function that the balcony decorates notices decorates a design

       The balcony of functional sex, need to achieve what effect, need to place what article, and the thing of will possibility and consideration range.The balcony has what functional sex, also be the plan sex of the space, bring what practical effect, especially indoor area is not wide, need the reasonable application of balcony area more, the action that notices a few functional sex.For instance some install cabinet, air conditioner and washing machine, still need to install small rockery at the same time.Therefore, for its functional orientation planning, can develop its reasonable design.


Balcony decoration matters attention to decoration materials selection

      The balcony is exposed to sunlight every day and is a semi-open-air venue.The sunlight of long-term sex is unripe and the ablution of raindrop, the balcony is decorated in matters needing attention, buy decorate material to pay attention to quality, include good prevent bask in and prevent drench effect, especially the balcony installs wooden ark, the importance that notices quality, also can be in at the same time decorate medium good defend measure.That is to say, to its decorate material to choose, assure its practical foundation, also need to notice to defend measure at the same time, achieve the action that protects.

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