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The collocation of sitting room adornment picture and choice
- Aug 10, 2018 -

      The living room is where the guests live.In contemporary decorating, a lot of people can collect a few adornment picture to hang on sitting room wall, adornment picture also had a very good artistic ornament effect to sitting room.Let's take a look at the living room decorative paintings are how to match it!

      1. Suitable for oil paintings, and the pastoral decoration style can be matched with oil paintings of flowers.

      2, the room of Chinese style style had better choose Chinese painting, watercolor and gouache to wait, design is given priority to with traditional freehand brushwork landscape, flower bird fish insect.You can also choose paintings made with special materials, such as flower-and-mud paintings, paper-cuts, woodcuts and knots.

      3. Modern decoration is suitable for some impressions, abstract oil paintings, and avant-garde and fashionable decoration styles such as postmodern decoration, especially for decoration paintings with modern abstract themes, and also for decoration paintings with full personality.

      Below is our living room render work for your reference .


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