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The early stage of the promotion and post-production
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Private television planning, filming, editing work related work is the same as the television, the main points in the early and the post-production.

Prophase include planning and shooting two parts.

Late includes editing, special effects, animation, video synthesis, etc.

Early news show ability, in the direction of corporate videos, obviously television has more credibility.

Post-production capabilities, in the direction of corporate videos, apparently folk television late ability is stronger.

It can be said that the company promotion, the industry is the emerging computer industry technology development derived an advertising industry. Do not belong to the category of news industry.

Company promotion is key for every level within the company, in order to planning, filming, recording, editing, dubbing, music, animation, special effects, synthesis of output produced and the purpose is to face the crackling to highlight the company's unique style, reveal company's strength, make people different aspect of the positive to the company, a good impression, so as to build on the company's goodwill and trust, and trust in the company's products or services.

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