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The relevant knowledge that should understand before making stainless steel character redner TWO
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Process features:

1. Stainless steel characters will not rust and have a long service life

2. The stainless steel word has a strong three-dimensional sense

3. The stainless steel word is light in weight

4, stainless steel word has high-grade feeling

5. The stainless steel word has the distinction of drawing and bright surface

6. Stainless steel word has metal texture

7. Optional thickness of stainless steel word

8. Strong sense of gravity in stainless steel

Application range of stainless steel word | :

Stainless steel characters are widely used in signboards, image walls, signs, building signs, all kinds of high-grade brand signs inside and outside the application, such as a large number of modern office signs.


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