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The relevant knowledge that should understand before making stainless steel character render FOUR
- Sep 14, 2018 -

       Stainless steel plating black titanium titanium rose gold (yellow) three-dimensional trademark word is made up of imported stainless steel plate after computer laser cutting forming, the argon arc welding, welding edge after doing word seems to be more stereo feeling, bright color, high-grade, brand has a strong visual impact, especially suitable for store signs, decoration brand enterprises, chain decoration and so on the facade, the application of the enterprise.

Stainless steel word production material: 304#, 201# stainless steel

The material thickness is 0.8mm-1.5mm respectively

Current welding method: argon arc welding

       Stainless steel lamp box word is also called LED luminous word: it can be drawn, the mirror (bright surface) adopts 304# stainless steel plate laser cutting into font, around the edge, polishing, polishing fine workmanship, stainless steel material beautiful and generous, high-grade, long life;Resistance to weathering.The face plate is made of imported acrylic laser engraving, glass gluing and sealing, and energy saving LED is used to make all kinds of advertisement signboards..

LED light-emitting diode is a light-emitting font made by using the light-emitting diode as the light source.LED has been widely used for its beautiful appearance in the daytime, bright at night, energy saving and durability.

Material: stainless steel of 304#, 201# (mirror or matte)

The material thickness is 0.6mm-1.5mm respectively

Current welding methods: tin soldering and argon arc welding

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