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The treatment of light and shadow in the process of making architectural renderings
- Aug 01, 2018 -

       The treatment of light and shadow is very important in architectural renderings.To some extent, to deal with the relationship between light and shadow is to solve the relationship between shadow and contour, light and shade level and black and white of the effect drawing. The focus of light and shadow is shadow and light receiving form.Today we will first introduce the effect of shadow processing on renderings.

       The basic function of shadow is to show the architectural form, concave and spatial level. In addition, the contrast between light and dark of shadow is often used in the picture to focus people's attention and highlight the main rest room.

Shadow points to note: first of all in the general environment there is no pure black shadow.Shadow should not be excessive. In general environment, shadow should be controlled to this point.Secondly, we should control the edge of the shadow, that is, there should be halo.

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