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Virtual reality apps
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Real estate roaming: it can walk freely and watch freely in the virtual reality system with strong impact, which can make customers get real feelings of immersive and promote the speed of contract signing.

2. Virtual sample room: used for long-term investment attraction, leasing and evaluation of commercial projects. One-time investment can be applied in various links such as project application and approval, construction, sales, investment and leasing, and can be used permanently.

3. Multi-specialty coordination: multi-type vehicle driving route and other layout, clearance height, such as road bridge simulation.

4. Online house viewing: during the lease and sale stage, users can get to know the weekly environment, space layout and interior design of the project through the Internet.

5. Venue simulation: show the real features of the venue in advance, assist in the examination and approval of the design, and avoid the risk of design investment.

Virtual Reality (hereinafter referred to as VR) technology has been truly experienced by consumers, but VR is still at the level of industry

In the growth stage, whether in the technology, products, content, specifications, are a little immature. There is no doubt about the trend of VR, but for now, the VR market is still a hollow one. VR" fire "in the industry and the geek two specific groups of people, for the mass consumer, VR is obviously not the need at present.

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