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What is a promotion
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Propaganda film is one of the best ways to promote the corporate image. It is very effective to promote the enterprise image to a new level, the better to show enterprise products and services to the public, can very detailed product function, purpose and its advantages (difference) with other products, interpret the enterprise culture idea, so video has become one of the indispensable enterprise image propaganda tool. Promotion, in addition to effectively promote the enterprise image, better show the enterprise products and services, product function, purpose, use method and characteristics of has been widely applied in the publicity, China merchants real estate investment real estate sales, school enrollment, product promotion, tourist attractions, joining and contributing to promote brand, hotel propaganda, instructions, public propaganda and so on. Through the media advertisement, the propaganda to the enterprise which needs to do the propaganda film, will obtain the better promotion function.

Planning and creativity are the first steps in the production of a propaganda film. Careful planning and excellent creativity are the soul of the feature film. Unique creativity is the key to a compelling and highly watchable work. For example, the shocking Indian Ocean tsunami gives people a strong visual impact and a unique expression form, making people from ignorance to trust in an unfamiliar product, which is the charm of creativity.

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