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What is renderings
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Above all, hand draw effect graph is as the name implies the foundation that comes out through stylist long-term exercise shows decorate general situation through stroke picture, hand draw effect graph needs more solid drawing foundation, just can let oneself design intention expression lifelike.

In contrast, computer rendering is designed by designers with common software such as 3dmax, photoshop and other design software (vr, Lightscape, etc.) to show the designer's ideal performance before the implementation of the design project.

Usually, a lot of stylist are heavy computer effect graph is behaved and light hand draw result is behaved, but often be in actual talk about sheet skill, the effect that hand draw effect graph shows is far more than computer effect graph, this also is the embodiment of a kind of ability of stylist.

The most basic requirement of effect picture is: should accord with the size of thing itself, cannot use effect to change the dimension of relevant model for the sake of beautiful appearance, such effect picture not only cannot have the effect that show design, become a factor that affects design instead.

The so-called renderings are the simulated drawings of buildings and the like through 3D software. The goal is to see what happens when it's built.

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