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3d Animation Features
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Features of 3d animation ii:

Although the threshold of 3d animation technology is relatively low, it takes years of unremitting efforts to master and skillfully use it. Meanwhile, it is necessary to keep learning new technologies with the development of software. It has the highest technical content in all forms of film and television advertising production. Due to the complexity of 3D animation technology, the best 3D designers are unlikely to be proficient in all aspects of 3D animation.

Three-dimensional animation is a work of art and technology. In the production process, on the one hand, the requirements of advertisement creativity should be fully realized technically; on the other hand, the artistic re-creation should be made in the aspects of picture color, composition, light and shade, lens design combination and rhythm grasp. Compared with graphic design, three-dimensional animation has more concepts of time and space. It needs to learn from some laws of graphic design, but it should be created according to the laws of film and television art.

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