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Architectural Renderings Production Process
- Aug 01, 2018 -

  Architectural renderings and domestic outfit is the rendering of different architectural renderings is their way of landscape architecture through a graphical environment, then you know architectural rendering process and matters needing attention?Now Xinhui Technology co., ltd will introduce relevant content.

1. Use 3d Max, first of all, as the main buildings and rooms of all kinds of furniture modelling, also can be used to make some refinement of small objects modeling, such as: indoor decoration of small, irregular surface or does not require the precise size of the object, they only need the vision to achieve harmony, it can greatly shorten the modeling time.

2. The rendering output USES the professional rendering software VR for material and light setting, rendering and output.

3. Further process the rendering results and modify the above rendering results with Photoshop and other graphic processing software:

1) addition of trees, vehicles and boats in the construction site;

2) further emphasize the overall atmosphere effect, such as color, proportion, etc.


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