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Building Rendering Layering Technology
- Sep 24, 2018 -

What is layered building rendering? In general, layered building rendering is a must-have feature of 3D animation software, with MAYA's layering technology being the most powerful. In MAYA, there are different layering methods for display and render layers, which can be used to render different layers with different architectural rendering engines, and multiple architectural rendering methods can be set to simultaneously render the output. While 3dmax only has display layers and rendering elements, we can also set it manually to achieve layered architectural rendering.

In the actual production process, the specific steps of layered building rendering are as follows:

First, we need to place the elements that belong to different plugins in different layers, and the elements that are not part of the plugin, such as buildings and floors, are placed in a separate layer.

Then, create different lighting groups for different elements and set different building rendering shades. In order to unify the direction of light and shadow, different groups of lights can be in the same position.

The test shows the tree layer and the ground building layer separately, turns on the tree lights, and tests the building rendering. Make sure the lights are shaded correctly. Display the water layer and the ground building layer separately, turn on the water light, and test the building rendering. Make sure the building renders the light shadows correctly.

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