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Building Roaming Animation
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Building roaming animation is the application of "virtual reality" technology in urban planning, architectural design and other fields. In recent years, architectural roaming animation has been used more and more at home and abroad, and its unprecedented human-computer interaction, real architectural space sense, large-area three-dimensional terrain simulation and other characteristics are unmatched by traditional methods.

In the architectural roaming animation application, people can perform an immersive and comprehensive view of the future building or urban area in a virtual three-dimensional environment: the scene can be observed from any angle, distance and fineness. You can choose and freely switch between various sports modes, such as walking, driving, flying, etc., and you can freely control the route you browse. Moreover, in the roaming process, real-time switching comparison of multiple design schemes and multiple environmental effects can also be realized. Can bring users a strong, realistic sensory impact and get an immersive experience.

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