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Building Roaming Animation Performance
- Jul 05, 2018 -

1. The main pursuit of this kind of reality is that the reality is as close as possible to real life.

2. It is architectural. This type is mainly used to reflect the process of the architect's creation, conception, design, and design of a building. This performance can be done without blue sky or wide ground. Many people and cars don't need a lot of environmental flowers and plants. It is to show the building itself.

The same is true in the performance of static renderings. Our focus is to reflect the beauty of the building itself, so the sky, background, trees, etc. can be avoided. These renderings are mainly used for bidding. The decoration renderings are relatively simple. We only need to make a certain proportion according to the scheme provided by the designer. It is only the level of the main space when lighting, because the indoor space is not as wide as the outdoor space. It is easy to make the whole space flat and unchanged, and there is another point in the performance rendering of the decoration is to use warm colors as much as possible.

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