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Creative Concept Of Corporate Publicity Video
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Some companies want to image the content of the project is not a layer of constant, thus making feature films is not only a set of solutions, but for different purposes and USES a few sets of plan, do some propaganda, as some shooting a feature films of the enterprise every year, every year in a theme, such as performance last year was "technology", this year is likely to be outstanding "innovation"; And some companies will want to feature films have long life, no matter in what situation, what time see won't feel out of fashion, outdated. From the content point of view, the enterprise image project contains the content is quite extensive, the basic of the enterprise culture idea, development course, social honor, management team, production equipment, workshop management, technology research and development, product display, project, market territory, after-sales service, and the future is you. Because content, need a distinct theme context throughout, undertake various parts throughout, this topic is quite so thoughtless, the god of the enterprise, the so-called "in appearance and spirit". From concept to act to vision, are unified.

In terms of another, can make a good promotion for the enterprise staff is not much. Cruelty of media competition in the market, the rapid growth of social economy, the pressure of TV programs, all workers in TV involuntarily involved in the economic vortex and hard to extricate themselves. This phenomenon is a survival needs the right, but we are reluctant to see, TV form and style of the same, plagiarism, pattern, vulgar, shallow things more and more, a scholar of the television less and less, charging, study, study almost become empty talk. Under this situation, it is hard to make our own heartache which make enterprise is an inspiring video/feature films.

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