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European Decoration Style Rendering
- Aug 27, 2018 -

        Most people are at a loss when they just come into contact with the decoration, and then they will pick the pictures of their favorite styles from the Internet for reference. They want to know the decoration effect they want by referring to those beautiful pictures. Among them, many people like European decoration style.

Design focus: restaurant

       Recommend reason: independent and wide dining-room, the simple sense of eat chair looks very soft and comfortable, at the same time whole color collocation is very novel, in addition the eat side ark of the side of the side perfectly blends in whole effect graph inside, won't appear so abrupt, practical.

Design focus: fireplace

       Why you should: if you have a fireplace on one side of the room, you can put a recliner on the other side and a couch on the opposite corner.This layout will be visually symmetrical.

Design focus: personality

       Recommend reason: this Europe type style is different from what we used to see, it is more inclined at Jane ou is a style, at the same time black and white collocation, look a bit like Chinese style lamp act the role of again, appear whole style so individual character, do not appear to do not mix tone again.


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