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Features Of 3d Animation
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Feature 1 of 3d animation:

Capable of completing shots that cannot be completed

Production is not affected by weather and seasonal factors

High technical requirements for production staff

With strong modifiability, the quality requirements are more easily controlled, and the shot cost is too high. The shot can be realized through 3d animation to reduce the cost

Dangerous scenes can be captured using 3-d animation

Lenses that cannot be reproduced can be simulated using 3d animation

Can beautify the product

The production cycle is relatively long

The production cost of 3d animation advertisements is directly proportional to the complexity of production and the required reality, and increases exponentially.

Picture expression without physical limit of photographic equipment, the three dimensional animation camera in the virtual world can be regarded as the ideal movie camera, and production personnel is equivalent to the director, photographer, juicers, artist, set, the final effect is good or bad or not only depends on the level of production personnel, experience and artistic accomplishment, and the three dimensional animation software and hardware technical limitations.

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