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Hotel Lobby Design
- Aug 07, 2018 -

      In recent years, with the development of tourism around the world, the hotel culture has become a landmark building that highlights the local cultural characteristics.Hotel lobby is a necessary place for people to stay in the hotel, so the design of hotel lobby is very important.

      The design of hotel lobby should follow the following points: 

1. Spacious reception hall, luxurious decoration and sufficient light.

2. There is a general service desk in line with the hotel's scale and five-star level. The general service desk has Chinese and English signs, and the reception, inquiry, settlement and 24-hour staff are set up in the zone.

3. Provide message service, one-time general bill settlement service, credit card service and 24-hour foreign currency exchange service.

4. The general service desk provides publicity materials for hotel service projects, hotel price lists, transportation maps in both Chinese and English, national tourism transportation maps, city and national tourist attractions, schedules of various transportation tools, newspapers and magazines, etc.

5. Can accept domestic and international guest room reservation directly for 8 hours. There are safe deposit boxes opened by both hotel and guests at the same time.

6. Set up guest rest places, provide in-store search services and arrange taxi services in non-operating areas; provide access to ramps and wheelchairs in foyer and main public areas for disabled people.

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