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Indoor Rendering Method
- Jul 05, 2018 -

The indoor rendering is mainly based on the setting process of the light, which is simply referred to as "clothing". a good renderer,When rendering a piece of work, I also think of the image he wants to express. A complicated scene with 100 lighting engineers will have 100 different schemes and effects, but several principles of lighting should be observed when we are drawing. The classic lighting theory is "three-point lighting". ".

When drawing a picture, there should be a general look in the heart, that is, the designer must draw a sketch on the paper before the design plan to help him form a concept. Similarly, a good renderer, when rendering a piece of work, will also think of the image he wants to express. So when we go through an rendering, we import the existing models into the 3DMAX software. In order to use them for Lightscape, we should know how to illuminate them, and the lighting points that should be mastered. We can be a very good renderer and performanceist.

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