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Knowledge Of Corporate Video Production
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Nowadays the general enterprise propaganda film produced by the enterprise propaganda film production company usually appears to be in the right order, the form sense, the expression technique can be counted on one hand, there is no product movie and television advertisement that the public imposing manner of the eight immortals cross the sea each to show his power. The reason for this weak performance is not only in the script of corporate propaganda, but also in some special corporate propaganda films and even omitted the director. It can be imagined what level the performance of a corporate propaganda film without a director will go to. As mentioned above, the performance of corporate propaganda films depends on the main line to a large extent and develops around the context. In many corporate propaganda films, the part of the transition between the chapters and sections is the place of strong expression. The content of some corporate propaganda films is laid out in a straight line, but the transition part is properly handled, and the whole part revolves around a core main line. The audience may not be able to circle the whole content, but they can feel the distinct theme.

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