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Personal Studio Effect Drawing Production
- Aug 22, 2018 -

       The studio often doesn't seem as serious as the big domestic companies because of its small size, flexible regional themes.There are many different types of studios, and the different nature of work leads to their different design styles. However, they all have a common feature, which is that they look more like a collection of warmth, creativity and home.

The hall design

       This is the design of the first floor hall of the studio, which is divided into two floors. The first floor is the location of work, reception room, lounge, toilet and so on.What we saw in the lobby lounge was a homely living room.The tea table that resembles a tree to cut off added primitive flavour to whole space.I particularly like the design of books and bookshelves on that wall, which is very creative.The book itself is a decoration.Such studio design has attracted many people to it.

The design of the workshop

       The picture shown here is the workshop of the whole studio, because the size of the studio itself is not very large, so the staff is not particularly large.A few computers are enough for them to use, and each working computer is not separated, which facilitates communication between people.Green plants are essential for office space, and they are needed to relieve eye fatigue in the long run.

The design of the stairwell

From here, we can directly lead to the working space of the second floor. In the process leading to the second floor, we can not only go up the stairs, but also arrange a lot of things worthy of understanding by customers and employees. When we go upstairs on one side, we can easily understand the culture and concept of the studio.

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