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Propaganda Film Planning
- Oct 29, 2018 -

One, seek truth, respect fact and objective law namely. For enterprises, the production of enterprises must follow objective laws -- the benefits come from the understanding and grasp of objective laws. Only by constantly searching for the truth can enterprises guarantee the quality of their products. Only by doing research and production in the spirit of seeking truth in science can enterprises keep their progressive tension and calm mind while making progress in The Times. This is the first principle of the enterprise in the production of enterprise propaganda films, exaggerating and concealing. These corporate propaganda films that do not respect real-time will not bring good profits to the enterprise, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise. And the film and television production company, when the enterprise propaganda film production creativity, also must follow the objective, the truth.

Second, to be good is to embody corporate values. Enterprise values is the enterprise all or most members agree on the meaning of enterprise's ultimate judgment, attaches great importance to the profit is the enterprise survival and development needs, but after all is an integral part of the social system, the operation of the business it is with the government, media, customers, financial institutions and other social relationships of each part are realized, therefore, the enterprise cannot rely on simply pursue their own interests and social public recognition and support from all walks of life. When film and television companies are making corporate propaganda films, their social responsibility and social contribution should be involved. It is not only to improve the overall structure of corporate propaganda films, but also a comprehensive display of corporate image publicity, as well as an embodiment of corporate responsibility.

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