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Rendering Industry Pressure
- Nov 26, 2018 -

If purely from the point of view of "painting", it is not optimistic, after all, not a picture because of its emerging exuberant vitality and maintain the situation of unify the whole country for a long time. The computerized if you don't get nutrition and inspiration from other painting, also will become dull pale. But, change a point of view, if we put in the computerized in the category of computer aided design, the prospects of it are far more than our imagination. Both rendering, animation and virtual reality in the future, will be to design communication basic rules: space, volume, light, color, such as atmosphere inspired the passion of imaginative architects and high-level owner. At the same time, in the art as a kind of economic and cultural resources, building design for products are also increasingly become a fact of life. From the time the computerized and completing level will bear more pressure.

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