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Small Supermarkets Render
- Sep 17, 2018 -

       Small supermarkets said the area is small but it is all-sided, it greatly meet the demand of the surrounding people's life, but with the vigorous development of the retail now, a store facade design is particularly important, want to let a person can find you at the first look in many shops there is a very simple thing!Not to mention the design renderings of a small supermarket's internal storefront.

1. Set up the cash register

The cash register is usually located near the entrance of the store. The color can be bright and eye-catching to attract customers' attention.At the checkout counter, you can place some of the best-selling high gross merchandise, which customers can pick up while they wait

2. Store design

Demand concise and easy, marked and beautiful.Want to have a beautiful and generous sign above all, the shop name on the sign should be able to reflect the position of a supermarket and characteristic.Both convenient memory, can give customer friendly feeling.

3. Shelf design

Steel shelves can be selected.Shop owners can combine shelves according to store size.In each row of shelves to install a uniform configuration of the end, can make the shelves look more beautiful, can also increase the display area.

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